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Link - WS-Man Asset

When trying to install this plugin in my ubuntu 18.04, I am getting the below error message. Also if this can help in WS-man/WMI availability in the availability section.

Error - Unable to locate package opennms-plugin-provisioning-wsman-asset

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Link - WinRM in OpenNMS

Link 2 - WmiConfiguration - OpenNMS ( WMI )

I have been using these links for wsman/wmi data collection for windows servers/infrastructure. Is there any other way to collect data of windows infrastructure, or any method to use wmi as both methods seems not to work properly.

I think we have identified an issue with the Debian repository missing some of the add in packages.

Looks like a packaging bug, it accidentally got stuck in the opennms-plugin-provisioning-snmp-asset package.

Issue here: [NMS-13747] opennms-plugin-provisioning-wsman-asset missing on Debian - The OpenNMS Issue Tracker