OpenNMS On the Horizon - April 11th, 2022

Originally published at: OpenNMS On the Horizon – April 11th, 2022 – The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

Since last time, we did more work on documentation (upgrade/backup/restore, provisioning UI, REST), device config backup (tests, metadata, monitor status, UI), REST API improvements, arm Docker images, dependency version cleanups, criteria API, license cleanup, Spring dependencies, flow tracing, JICMP, minion/sentinel non-root improvements, datacollection from events, JIRA client updates, timeseries tag matching, JavaScript dependency updates, topology UI, wildcard resources in Helm perf-ds, and cron expression editing.

Thanks! Is there any documentation developed yet for the configuration management feature? I’ve searched the admin guide as well as the forums, and wasn’t able to come up with anything.

@mjhendriks you can track the progress around documentation in our public JIRA in NMS-14185.

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