OpenNMS offline installation

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We are trying to install openNMS however our servers are not connected to open internet. could you please let us know how we can achieve installation in such cases.

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Sachin Mali

[root@blt09646057 SmartsNMS]# rpm -Uvh
curl: (7) Failed connect to; Connection timed out
error: skipping - transfer failed
[root@blt09646057 SmartsNMS]#

Easiest way is to configure the OpenNMS repositories on some machine that does have internet access and do yum --downloadonly --downloaddir=/tmp/opennms install opennms-core opennms-webapp-jetty postgresql-server java-11-openjdk java-11-openjdk-devel and get everything you need in one shot in /tmp/opennms which you can then rsync out to whereever.

Or use reposync and mirror the repo(s) you need internally? Or manually download packages by hand via htttp and try to install using yum localinstall or rpm -ivh until you find all the required dependencies…

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Thank you.

I was able to install openNMS, however not able to verify whether frontend is loading or not. As we have Linux server which we only access via CLI. Please let me know if any way to verify it.

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Sachin Mali

thanks for the awesome information.