OpenNMS Minion on Docker for Horizon 26.0.0

We are working very hard right now to get our major release Horizon 26.0.0 out of the door which we have targeted for April. The Minion Docker image will get some improvements regarding image size and configuration.

We give users more flexibility to configure the Minion and have added confd. Check out the Confd readme if you want to give it a try.

Additionally, we added multiarchitecture support in our CircleCI build pipeline for the Minion Docker image. We can run now Minion Docker images on arm64, arm/v7, and amd64 architectures. We publish the images for the develop branch with tag “bleeding” and you can find it on DockerHub.

Happy testing and for your feedback.
Stay tuned for Horizon 26.0.0 - it’s gonna be awesome :slight_smile: