OpenNMS Horizon 30 Configuring DCB

I recently upgraded to Horizon 30 and I am working my through setting up the new dcb feature. We have around 60 switches and I have most of them working.

I am down to the last 4. These 4 are Dell S5248’s

I get a warning in the logs:

2022-06-24T16:32:22,557 | WARN  | sshd-SshClient[660f1f47]-nio2-thread-4 | ClientConnectionService          | 65 - org.apache.sshd.osgi - 2.8.0 | globalRequest(ClientConnectionService[ClientSessionImpl[dcb@/]])[, want-reply=false] failed (SshException) to process: EdDSA provider not supported

But this is in fact fatal and the backup is not retrieved.

has anyone else experienced this ?