Opennms helm plugin

Currently installing grafana version 8 but opennms helm plugin is now unsigned. What can I do please?

Expected outcome:
Get this plug-in working or is there an alternative

OpenNMS version: opennms horizon 24

Other relevant data:
Grafana v7.2

Install the latest version of the Helm plugin.

I did that. I installed v 6 of open nms helm and it says it’s unsigned.

Grab v7.3 from our repo. The v6 in Grafana’s repo is way old, but they take forEVER to update 3rd party plugins.

Ok cheers, so v 7.3 plugin will work with grafana v 8 or higher?

Also what version does opennms horizon need to be to work well?

The signing issue is fixed in versions >=7.2 iirc. Older versions of Grafana would complain about unsigned plugins, but would run them anyway. At some point that was made more strict, so that unsigned plugins aren’t loaded at all.

There’s no version dependency between Helm and Horizon. Anything reasonably up to date should work. (but we always recommend staying current, as only the current release of Horizon is supported)

Ok will try this out and get back to you.

Also I will open new request but if I want to update opennms, how can I do that and keep the current config files please? As when I tried it says files are no longer compatible

I just installed v7.3 but it’s not updating in grafan…still shows as v2.
I’m using Ubuntu 18.

Also I installed it but it is saying disabled and missing signature.

No idea, then. Maybe it’s a packaging difference between our debs and rpms.

As a workaround, you can add, to the [plugins] section of your grafana.ini:

Ok managed. But wow… Grafana v8 is different… Got queries and they don’t match grrrr any idea on how to get it working same as before?