OpenNMS Helm / Grafana Dashboard question


I’m not sure if this question is specifically an OpenNMS Helm question, or if it is really a Grafana specific question. If this is Grafana specific and not an OpenNMS Helm issue, let me know, and I will ask over in the Grafana community.

We have an application that is being run by multiple organisations which we are monitoring with OpenNMS 23.0.3.

I have developed a Grafana Dashboard that utilises the Helm datasource which has a dropdown variable to select which customer to display. This works reasonably well. However we have one customer who has a MSSQL server backend database which differs from all other customers which have an Oracle on Linux backend database. The dashboard panel which displays os level performance statistics doesn’t find the relevant metrics on the windows server. Is there a way to put conditions on which metrics it uses based either on server type or available metrics? or do I need to implement different panels for Linux vs Windows metrics?




I typically create different panels for Windows and Linux servers, however there may be a fallback-attribute that can provide data if the first metric isn’t availble. Make sure that the data is presented using the same units otherwise the graphs will not render properly.