OpenNMS Helm and Grafana 6



A few months back I installed OpenNMS Helm 2, and then manually upgraded Grafana to 5.4.3 from the Grafana yum repository.

due to issue HELM-131 I can’t yet upgrade to Helm 3, so I have versionlocked OpenNMS-Helm to v2, to prevent it being upgraded inadvertently.

I tried doing a “yum update” to get the latest OS patches, and yum found Grafana 6 has been released. However, this caused the yum update to fail as Helm-2 has a dependency on Grafana being less than v6. Now that’s not a serious issue as I can versionlock Grafana to 5.4.3 to allow the OS patching to occur. But I was just wondering how long it might take for a major version update to Grafana to be certified for OpenNMS Helm? Grafana 6 has some features that I’m interested in.



I don’t know an estimated timeline, however while they were working on HELM-131, a compatibility issue with Grafana 6 was encountered, and the Grafana team wants that fixed before approving an update to the plugin repository. So my best guess to your question would be not long.


Wow! thanks, that is awesome to here! :+1:


I wanted to give you a heads up that I saw HELM-131 was closed today and slated for the 3.0.1 release. I don’t have an ETA on when that will be published, but will be coming.