🎉 OpenNMS Helm 5.0.2 Released

This release contains significant documentation updates, as well as a few bug fixes including Grafana 6.7 support. It also bumps the Grafana provided by our Docker images to 6.7.2 .

  • Document how to use the filter panel (Issue HELM-206)
  • Document how to use the entity data-source (Issue HELM-207)
  • Publish build artifacts with CircleCI to Cloudsmith (Issue HELM-214)
  • Convert docs from Asciibinder to Antora (Issue HELM-217)
  • Integrate Antora documentation into CircleCI (Issue HELM-218)
  • Sign RPM and DEB packages with GPG key (Issue HELM-222)
  • Some filter could be documented (Issue HELM-227)
  • Cannot add an Alarm Table widget when using Grafana 6.6.x (Issue HELM-229)
  • Support Grafana 6.7.x for our Helm plugin (Issue HELM-232)
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