openNMS device interface bandwidth percentage automation


I am using openNMS horizon and monitoring over 3000 devices with that. At times, requirement occurs in which we want to generate report of bandwidth utilization percentage for particular interfaces of particular devices on daily and weekly basis.

Sharing with you, the report generated in CA. Can I generate similar type of report in openNMS ?
How automation process of this task can be achieved in openNMS ?


The “Database Reports” feature (an integration with JasperReports) would allow you to generate similar PDFs. See

For this particular report, I’d look at modifying and extending the existing “Total Bytes Transferred by Interface”.

If you need to stick with PDF based reports this would be the way to go. If there’s some flexibility you can also look into trying to build a dashboard with Grafana & OpenNMS Helm to present similar statistics.


Hi jesse,
I am already using the database reports feature but I couldn’t see any option that generates bandwidth utilization report. It shows total bytes, average bytes transferred through a particular interface.
However, it would be better if automation of percentage utilization of bandwidth of an interface on daily basis can be achieved.
Can you please help out in this ?