🇩🇪 OpenNMS at OSMC 2019 4th - 7th. November 2019

Tarus Balog represents the OpenNMS project at OSMC 2019 in Nuremberg. We are planning to provide a one-day OpenNMS workshop at OSMC.

:thinking: What is OSMC?

The Open Source Monitoring Conference is the annual meeting of international monitoring experts, where future trends and objectives are set.

The four-day event comprises 3 tracks of expert presentations on Nov 05 & 06. On Nov 04 a variety of technical workshops imparting in-depth professional knowledge are offered. And on top the OSMC hackathon is scheduled directly following the lecture program on Nov 07.

:compass: Where is it?

The conference is in Nuremberg in Germany.


Holiday Inn Nuremberg
Engelhardsgasse 12
90402 Nuremberg

:ticket: Registration and more details

The conference is organized from NETWAYS. Please register for the conference through the OSMC 2019 events page.

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