OpenNMS Alexa Skill

The idea is to implement an OpenNMS Alexa Skill that is able to query your OpenNMS instance:

  • ability to report overview of outages and alarms on speech-only Echo devices
  • ability to display alarms, outages, nodes and graphs on Echo Show devices (with screen)
  • support for at least English and German language :slight_smile:

Interesting. :thinking: We don’t allow smart speakers in our organization, but still interesting none the less. Are you just looking for a way to get an alert summary on demand, or are you thinking of sending proactive notices as well?

The proactive notification stuff is a little bit tricky. As soon as I understand Amazon’s documentation notifications can be sent to an account not a single device. For instance I own several Amazon Alexa devices all bound to my account and I want to receive these notifications on my device and not on my children’s devices.

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I swapped out my Echo Dot for Google Homes. But, yeah, it would need to be tied to the user account and not the specific device.

I did something similar a long time ago for alarms. Maybe I can resurrect the code and share it so you can enhance it.