Only alarm for interfaces that contain "Core" in the description

Hey there,

I’m very new to OpenNMS and playing with it in a LAB.
At this stage, I have all trap alarms going in as the default “Warning”.
What I’d like to do is

1./ Suppress everything “Warning” (severity 4) and below, so they don’t show as alarms, and one would have to specifically go looking for them. i.e. so the dashboard doesn’t alarm on Warnings.

2./ Configure traps for specifics I want to monitor. For instance, if a trap comes in for an interface (DOWN) that contains the word “Core” then set the severity to Minor (Severity 5). I can find the specific event handler in the events folder and change the severity, but how do I get it to only set the severity to interfaces that contain the text?

Are these two items possible?

Many thanks