[Notification] Mail Sending Problem via Gmail ID


Hello, I have an OpenNMS system. I have configured it with some Node and trying to send email using one of my gmail ID when any node got down/up. I have configured JavaMail file properly using Gmail Credentials. My JavaMail File is Here: https://hastebin.com/razihesage.coffeescript

But it’s giving me auth error while I testing by sending a test alarm using:

/usr/share/opennms/bin/send-event.pl uei.opennms.org/nodes/nodeDown -n 1


I have found some errors in Notifd.log file. Those errors are: https://hastebin.com/anocadufay.bash
I have checked my gmail account (sender ID) and found all settings is Ok, less secure apps also enabled. But still I can’t receive any mail in my target mail account.

Note: I also configured target ID in destinationPaths.xml file. Like:

<path name="Email-Admin" initial-delay="0s">

        <target interval="0s">

Pls Help…Can anybody help me here?


Issue resolved. I just created another new gmail ID and notification working simply fine from that ID. Don’t know the exact reason behind this weird case, but it’s working now… :grinning: