Notification Initial Delay


I believe am having a problem with the Initial Delay setting on the Notification Destination Path. I have a handful of devices that have a known reliability issue with some of the monitored protocols that I am monitoring with OpenNMS (Horizon 23.0.3). The service does not respond but returns quickly, usually within a minute.

I want to continue to monitor these services but don’t need to see all of the up/down notifications, only those cases where the service is actually down for an extended period.

I have set the Initial Delay to 2M and it appears to have no effect. My expectation is that if the problem is resolved withing the initial delay period I should not get a notification of either the down or the up condition. Bug NMS-7662 appears to be what I am seeing but it states that the effected version is only 15.0.2.

  • Is this still an open issue on 23.0.3?
  • Is my expectation of the initial delay timer being able to suppress the down and the up notification from being sent correct?
  • Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks …


I have actually been seeing this on some of my notices, and I am on v23 too. The expectation is that if a service/node comes back up within the delay, no notifications should be sent.


If that is the expectation but not what is occurring is this caused by the referenced Bug or is there something else I should be looking at?

Thanks …


Found the problem … incorrect Destination Path assigned to the notification.