Not Seeing Any Notifications


I just installed this fresh today. I have Notifications turned on. I have myself as an admin. I have me “on call” 7 days a week.

I have the following Notifications turned on: interfaceDown, nodeAdded, nodeDown

I have added nodes. I have pulled network cables to force a node “down” etc. But I have not received a single notification. It always just says “You have no oustanding notices”

I feel like I am missing something simple here but I am asking for help.



Here is a video that walks through the notificaiton system and setting it up on a clean server.


I watched this (at least part of it). When he added his first node, he received a notification on his GUI. I am getting nothing.


The main components are:

  • Make sure you have an e-mail address on your user account
  • Verify your destination path includes a user/group assigned the javaEmail action is on
  • Make sure the Event Notification is assigned your specified destination path

At this point, the events you have defined should trigger an e-mail at the same time the event shows up in the “outstanding notices” section of the web UI.

The default javamail-configuration settings will routemail to the postfix server on your OpenNMS server, which will then route mail to your sever, and is the recommended setup as opposed to defining a specific mail server to use as a relay.


Just a thought…if I just turn notifications on (but have nothing else configured) should I still see the notifications in the GUI ?

I am re-watching the video as well.

Is there a log file I can look at regarding notifications?


The notifications should still show up in the Web UI.
You can take a look at $OPENNMS_HOME/lobs/notifd.log


Yea that is what I figured but I am not getting them at all on the Web UI. That is all I am concerned about at this point. Once I see them there, I am pretty sure I can get the email portion to work as I have done it in the past on another instance.


Just to verify, you have enabled both the notification system (on the admin page under Event Managment, status is set to On) and individual events (on the Event Notifications page set the desired event definitions to On)?


Yes I have the notification system on. And for events I have on the following:



Would you be able to send a copy of your destinationPaths.xml and notifications.xml files? You can use one of the paste tools at Scrub out any personal info. You can send it as a direct message to me if you don’t want it to show up in this conversation feed.


I re-did my paths. Basically, redid everything that has to do with notifications. Something changed because I now have them showing on the WEB UI. Thanks for all the pointers!



Glad it is working now!