Node name change

Hi, new here.

I have a few switches that were renamed (in the switch config that is).
In OpenNMS the LLDP “sysname” and CDP “global device id” reflect the new name. But the SNMP Attribute “name” and the node name did not change. Rescan or update SNMP does not do the trick.

Expected outcome:
Have OpenNMS update the node name when a device’s name changes.

OpenNMS version:
Horizon 28.0.0

Other relevant data:
not sure where to look

If you added the node via a requisition, you can update the node label. If the node was added via discovery, I think you may be able to use the REST API to change the database records.

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That’s a fair suggestion.

I expected it to be updated automatically using SNMP. On inital scaning a new node, openNMS records the correct name. So there is no reason why it would not work and it would make more sense: we manage devices in their respective management environment. Likewise when an interface description changes, I would expect OpenNMS to pick up that change (and I think it does).
OpenNMS should reflect any changes made at the master data, in my opinion.

A reverse DNS lookup is used to set the initial node label, but once a node is created, OpenNMS does not automatically re-label nodes on its own. That’s part of the point of foreign source requisitions - nodes can be created/updated/deleted from external systems either via the REST API, via our PRIS component, or publishing your own custom requisition files.