Node metadata no longer mutable in 29.0.0?

Between versions 28 and 29 post, put, and delete have been removed from the documentation.


Trying to post or put metadata to a node results in a 405 method not allowed response while the allow response header contains those methods.

In the release notes for 29 the removal of the methods isn’t mentioned.
You’ll have to find the link on your own as I can’t post it here.

From NMS-13314: Prevent meta-data modification · OpenNMS/opennms@7dfcd82 (

NMS-13314: Prevent meta-data modification
Modification of meta-data was only intended to be done via requisitions. The requisition process will create, update and delete meta-data of a node according to the values defined in a requisition. Changing the meta-data after a requisition synchronization was never intended conceptually. It suffered from loosing of meta-data after re-synchronisation. Keeping the data would require manual deletion in massive scale using the UI and leads to desync with the expected values.

Does metadata need to be set in a new requisition and the old requisition/node deleted after initial synchronization to have different values?
Metadata added to a requisition after initial synchronization doesn’t seem to update metadata of the node.
Is there a different facility I should be using for node specific thresholds?

Raise a bug jira on for this, please.

The requisition endpoint could overwrite the entire record for a node. No need to delete and re-create an entire requisition. After pushing all the changes to a requisition, a manual synchronization would need to be triggered to import any changes into the database.

But Dino’s comment about submitting a Jira issue still stands.