No resource data for Meraki equipment

Hello All,

I’m trying to get our Meraki equipment into OpenNMS. The MIB is loaded, the nodes are added, the service monitor is working and a snmpwalk gives me data. OpenNMS retrieved the SNMP interfaces and other basic data.

The problem is that OpenNMS doesn’t retrieve any data for the Meraki resource graphs. I’ve enabled the collection for all the interfaces, but the only resource graphs I see is for the ping response times.

I did a tcpdump on the OpenNMS server. And the only SNMP data I see for the Meraki equipment is:

  • OpenNMS Server: get-request:
  • Meraki device: get-response:

And that’s it.

When I look at other equipment (Netgear, Windows, printers, etc, etc) I see loads of get-bulk requests and responses. So it looks like everything is working, except for the Meraki equipment.

I hope somebody can help me with this annoying issue.

Thank you in advance.


After you loaded the MIB, did you generate a data collection file? Just loading the MIB doesn’t do much. OpenNMS collects based on the datacollection config files. You can right click on the imported MIB to generate event/data files.

Yes, I did. Sorry I didn’t mention that :slight_smile: I added the compiled MIB to the SNMP Collections and in the Data Collection Group I added the System IOD for Meraki .

The thing is, that OpenNMS also doesn’t collect the “default” things. Meraki doesn’t support much, but it does support IF-MIB.

Your SNMP config is set with the correct community name? The devices are set to allows SNMP polling from your OpenNMS server?
I don’t use Meraki devices, so I can’t offer much past general tips.

SNMP, in general, is working for the Meraki devices. The SNMP service is detected and things like sysObjectID, SNMP ifDescr, ifName, etc are retrieved. But the Resource Graphs stay empty.

When I do a snmpwalk I can see the IF-MIB data from the devices, I even (re)compiled the IF-MIB mib , generated the Data Collection and filtered it for the Meraki ObjectID, still no go.

I’m not sure what would trigger the retrieval of the data to start with, but the only thing I see from the OpenNMS server to the devices is the get-request: in the tcpdump. For other devices I see loads of get-bulk, but not for the Meraki’s.