New user question: how to limit node scan/discovery

openNMS newbie here. Got it installed and (a bit) configured, pointed it at a simple file server, and super pleased to see “your filer is happy responding to ssh & http”. Great.

Pointed it at the pfSense firewall, and hoo boy. It’s done some sort of discovery or scan, and it’s reporting on all the VLANs configured on this box, including some test systems that are going up and down deliberately (so it makes no sense to monitor these systems).

When I’m adding a node like this firewall (or any of the other network devices I’d like to monitor), how do I limit the scan or discovery that happens by default? I want to just know if this box is happy passing traffic; I don’t want to know the status of all the boxes it’s serving (yet!).

Many thanks!

You might be better off setting a requisiton policy to unmanage test ranges, or you can unmanage interfaces and services to tell the system to ignore those specific interfaces.

Ah; so, using the GUI, I’d go to Home/Admin/Provisioning Requisitions/, click “Edit Definition”, click the “Policies” tab, and click “+ Add Policy”. Looks like there I can tell it what to do (UNMANAGE, I think) based on ipAddress…

Cool, I’ll give this a shot, thanks!

That will apply to all nodes in the requision, and you can specify a regular expression of which interfaces to ignore.

Cool, thanks! Is there anything in the openNMS documentation that lays out what happens during this node add process? I’m about halfway through skimming the openNMS 101 videos, and don’t think I’ve seen this discussed there yet…