Multi tenancy for administring Opennms

Hello everyone,

I wondered whether there are some developments on the multi tenancy area.

Recently the question was raised in our organization how to be able to configure several areas like networking, streaming and systems, each one with their own area to administer on the opennms installation, including users, service monitoring etc.

Would it be possible to play with roles and dashboards? Would minions be a solution?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


This here comes probably closest to what you are looking for is in User Restriction filters / WebACLs.

Minions cover a different use case, about getting access to remote locations or monitoring applications from multiple perspectives.

Thank you for the quick answer.

We already had the ACLs option activated and played around with the Groups and Categories options. It works, but by knowing a hostid of a category of an area a user does not belong to, the user can still see that node.

What we are looking for is a kind of federated usage of Opennms where delegated administrators can handle the users in their area or categories, the nodes to monitor and have a view on their area only, without being able to see what happens in other areas or categories.

To be perfectly honest from my point of view, if you need this type of isolation an instance per customer could be a way to go.

I came across some examples of distributed opennms installations in and in .

There is also the $OPENNMS_HOME/instances/ file that stores attributes of an opennms running environment with a number. The content of the file (count, id, location, pid) triggers the question whether more than 1 instance can be running.