Monitoring Synology Devices

Synology is a well-known manufacturer of NAS systems.
They provide good SNMP support to manage and monitor these devices.
Ensure you configure SNMP access on your Synology NAS from your OpenNMS server by following the manufactures SNMP documentation.
This configurations provided below will monitor the following items:

  • Overall system status
  • Power supply status if you have redundancy
  • System fan status
  • CPU fan status
  • Software update status
  • Update server connectivity
  • Physical disk drive status
  • Logical raid array status

To monitor the status of these items, the SNMP Monitor can be used.

To make the maintenance of the configuration files easier, they are provided on Github .
The configs are tested with the DS216J and DS1515+ series.

Further Information which items can be monitored can be found in the documentation provided by Synology.



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