Monitoring interfaces without IP using snmp polling

Hi Team,

For a switch which has many interfaces without IP Address, in NMS it is discovering as I would like to get an event if the link connected to this interface goes down. What is the best was to do this?

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Now to your question. I’ve translated this here from a german article and an old wiki which you can find now here: How to monitor Layer-2 interface status using SNMP.

I hope it helps with your use case.

Thanks a lot. This helps.


Hi Team,

I’ve configured ifAdminStatus and ifOperStatus, currently .jrb files are created and updated. However it collecting in a directory called Ifentry-> for each node.
Concern is this switch is connected to many desktops and I want events only for the uplinks(2-3 interfaces). When the threshold is configured events started triggering to the node for the other interfaces as well.

How we can create threshold only for specific interfaces since this is coming as ifnumber and event triggering to Node I am not sure how to handle this. Consider that I’ve multiple switches and uplink is connected to different ports(names will be different) in each cases.

Any help will be much Appreciated.