Monitor Windows NIC


Is there a way to monitor network interfaces on Windows server? Not IP, rather if a interface goes down.
Through SNMP-trap or NRPE-powershell script? Or other options?

OpenNMS 26.1.0


What, specifically, do you want to monitor?

Lots of state and status information available via WS-MAN from MSFT_NetAdapter or Win32_NetworkAdapter …

Looks interesting. What to monitor: Link state, if an interface goes down/up to start with.

Maybe this will do:
string Status;
uint16 StatusInfo;

Not sure how to enable this though. -_-

Ah WMI. I hoped it would work with SNMP. But now i know.


The article How to monitor Layer-2 interface status using SNMP might be worth investigating if you have SNMP available.

Cool. Will look into it!

SNMP on Windows is a dumpster fire.

yeah, agree - besides stability, it’s also pretty unusable without

Enabling SNMP-Traps will be enough to begin with on our windows-server. We are polling through the MGM interface.
There are a few other interfaces on the same server without a IP, that we want to know when they are failing.
All traps are sent to OpenNMS master.

So i guess this will be enough for now.