Minion not monitoring the interfaces of router

how do I enable ICMP monitoring of all the ip interfaces of the router monitored by a minion? When I add a router with default location all the ip interfaces are being monitored but when I add the same router to be monitored by minion only the ip interface by which the router is added is being monitored.

below is the Manage and Unmanage Interfaces and Services page of node when monitored using minion.

Expected outcome:
I would like to monitor all the interfaces of router using minion just like when interfaces are monitored when added with default location

OpenNMS Version: 27.0.3

Other relevant data:
[e.g. logs from OpenNMS, error messages etc]


The issue was related to minion itself. Once I restarted the minion and rescan the node all the IP interfaces were detected with ICMP service.