Minion 28.0.0 in Docker fails on startup with error no properties file exist


When you try to start a Minion with Docker you get an error message with a No such file or director

my-minion-01   | No configuration key store present, skipping confd configuration.
my-minion-01   | appending to /opt/minion/etc/*.properties
my-minion-01   | cat: '/opt/minion/etc/*.properties': No such file or directory
my-minion-01 exited with code 1


There is a short solution to fix this problem temporarily in 28.0.0 with the following steps in the same directory your docker-compose.yml file is located.

Step 1: Mount an directory into the container by adding this line in your Minion Docker-Compose service:

  - './'

Step 2: Create an empty properties file with:


Start the container and the error should be gone. The bug is reported and can be tracked in NMS-13347. This is a regression that slipped through the system tests while improving the possibilities to customize our Karaf config. The problem should be fixed in the next Horizon point release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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