Migrate documentation from Asciibinder to Antora


We successfully migrated our DocBook XML style documentation to Asciidoc. With OpenNMS Helm, we found Asciibinder which was developed by Red Hat and used in the OpenShift documentation. After some time the group around AsciiDoctor introduced Antora and became the default standard open-source framework for AsciiDoc and is actively maintained and got a lot of traction. Asciibinder on the other side got unmaintained and a lot of large open-source community moved to Antora.

We gathered some experience with Antora in our ALEC project and we want to migrate all our docs to Antora in the long run. We start first to migrate the OpenNMS Helm documentation away from Asciibinder to Antora.

Epics in JIRA

The project right now is documented in two epics HELM-213 and HELM-215 which address a) the changes in the build pipeline and b) the steps to migrate to Antora and publishing. If you want to say hi, you can talk to Bonnie and Ronny (in chat aka @gromit and @indigo) or ask in the Write the Docs channel.

gl & hf

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:tada: We have finished the migration our Helm docs to Antora now for our Helm documentation. If you want to have a sneak peek, we publish it right now for testing to https://opennms-helm-doc.netlify.com. The next step is integration in our docs.opennms.org page for the next release. Thanks a lot to @gromit who did all the hard work migrating the content and improve it where necessary.

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