Manage report schedule - delete report


I have a report under “Manage report schedule” that I need to delete.

OpenNMS is running on an Ubuntu server. I cannot find any reference nor did nor did my Google find any solution.

Any advice will be appreciated.



Thank you for your reply. Just one problem. I do not have the tick box to remove reports. See below.

I’m the administrator for the system. New install as we just started to play with the system.


OK, I solved it. Even after giving my user full access, only admin seems to be able to delete reports.

Thank you so much for your help.


Just FYI: I’ve tested on my system and I assign ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_USER via LDAPS and have the possibility to delete the report.

  <!-- Name of the AD group for OpenNMS administrators -->

As I’m new to this product, I just used the WEB fronted to allocate ALL rights to my user. This did not give me the access to delete the reports. Have a great day.