KSC report configuration

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KSC Reports provide a way to generate prefabricated graphical views of collected data. It gives the possibility to display data from different devices and different sources (snmp, icmp, http, …) on one page. It thus provides a tool for users not familiar with network management to get an easy-to-use interface to see the data they need.


KSC Reports are configured through the GUI:

<code>Reports</code> -> <code>"KSC Performance, Nodes, Domain"</code>. The configuration file is <code>ksc-performance-reports.xml</code>.

Here is an example report entry that uses a custom index and graphs:

<Report id="7" title="GlassFish JVM Stats" show_timespan_button="true"
        show_graphtype_button="true" graphs_per_line="2">
  <Graph title="Instance1 Heap Usage" resourceId="node[1].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.heap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance1 Non-Heap Usage" resourceId="node[1].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.nonheap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance2 Heap Used" resourceId="node[2].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.heap"/>
  <Graph title="Instance2 Non-Heap Used" resourceId="node[2].jmxJVMIndex[GlassFish]"
         timespan="7_day" graphtype="jvm.memory.nonheap"/>

Valid options for timespan are: (See org.opennms.netmgt.config.KSC_PerformanceReportFactory.java:TIMESPAN_OPTIONS)

  "1_hour", "2_hour", "4_hour", "6_hour", "8_hour", "12_hour",
  "1_day", "2_day", "7_day", "1_month", "3_month", "6_month",
  "1_year", "Today", "Yesterday", "Yesterday 9am-5pm",
  "Yesterday 5pm-10pm", "This Week", "Last Week", "This Month",
  "Last Month", "This Quarter", "Last Quarter", "This Year",
  "Last Year"

Be sure to keep each ‘‘id’’ unique for each .

Using KSC Reports

On the right of the main page of OpenNMS there is a drop-down selection box with the title “KSC Reports” where you can select the KSC reports you have configured.

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