Issue with the snmp based polling

Added the SNMP Policies in Provisioning Requisitions, but still i’m not able to monitor the snmp based polling.
getting the message in SNMP interface “There are no SNMP interfaces for this node”.

What you experience is, OpenNMS can’t fetch any SNMP data from your server. Here is a way to troubleshoot this type of problem.

Check the SNMP configuration on your server you want to monitor. You need to ensure the following things:

  • SNMP agent is listening on the public network interface you can use ss -lnpu sport = :161 and look for*
  • Check 161/udp is not blocked on the host firewall iptables -L
  • Check access and community in your SNMP agent.


# First, map the community name "public" into a "security name"

#  source          community
com2sec notConfigUser  default       my-super-secret-community
  • To get all the metrics you have need a view which gives you a bigger part of the SNMP tree


view    systemview    included   .
  • You have to configure the SNMP community in OpenNMS which is used for Node scanning, SNMP data collection, SNMP detectors and SNMP monitors. [ Gear Icon ] -> [ Configure SNMP Community Names by IP Address ] -> Set the community for your server. Just use “First IP” if you have one and set the [ Read Community String ] and click [ Save Config ].
  • Synchronize your requisition, depending on the size of your requisition and the number of detectors, it might take a while. You should see an SNMP attributes box on your Nodes detail page:

  • You should have the SNMP service detected
  • You should see SNMP data when you click on [ Resource Graphs ] on the Node detail page

If you have still no success, run a manual SNMP walk from your OpenNMS server with

snmpwalk -v 2c -c my-super-secret-community <your-server-ip>

If you get data but not in OpenNMS run in the Karaf Shell

opennms:detect SNMP <your-server-ip>

and check for errors and the ${OPENNMS_HOME}/logs/provisiond.log for further investigations.

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