Is Net-snmp necessary for Opennms to get snmp v3 traps

New to Opennms :
Opennms horizon version installed on vm upon windows server . Snmp agent is other than Net-snmp
After configuring snmp community using ip address with snmp v3 details , all services showing 100% avaliability but noticing under resource graphs only ICMP,HTTP,SSH avaliable missing SNMP . Noticing no snmp interfaces for the node and snmpifindex as NA
Not able to receive the traps from the agent and not able to poll

If you are sure there is no issue with your SNMP security configuration, you probably just need a MIB. OpenNMS always needs a MIB that matches the type of agent you have. Once you have the MIB you need to import it using the SNMP MIB compiler in the Admin console.

Here are a couple of references that may help:
Understanding SNMP
Not getting SNMP data in OpenNMS
Also, the OpenNMS 101 videos walk through an example.

If your security settings are correct and you haven’t loaded a MIB, you should still see a generic trap event logged in OpenNMS. The lack of those would indicate to me that the SNMP security isn’t setup right. (I’m not using v3 traps, so I can’t provide much help there).
If you do have a MIB file, you can load that under Admin…MIB Complier. Once imported and processed, you will then need to create an Events and/or Data Collection config based on the data in the MIB. Once an Events config has been created and loaded, OpenNMS will be able to process them as something other than just generic trap events.
See the links in the previous post for more details.

As for SNMP security configuration everything made fine and able to see the generic
traps regarding the services and for SNMP MIB compilation , what are the MIB’s
copied under SNMP MIB compiler successfully compiled but while trying to create
event , few allowed me to generate event such as (RFC mib 1215 compiled
succesfully and tried to generate data collection shows an message like MIB doesn’t
contain any metrics for data collection ).
Tried with another MIB RFC 1213 compiled successfully and while generate event
shows an message like MIB doesnot contain any notification/trap . Is their any chance
of relation between these for not getting event traps for the node .
In addition to these while doing ping X.X.X.X from the agent getting 100% packet loss
as no response found - ICMP and while doing snmpwalk from agent to the nms
getting Timeout as result .
please suggest me that where I am going wrong or missing something which
leading me for not getting the event traps and the poll outages .

How to enable debugs so that we can see incoming SNMP V3 trap message in the logs .

Depending on the firewall settings of your node, it may not allow pings/snmp polling while still allowing the ability to send out traps. You might want to check the software config to make sure you allow ping/TCP 161 to your OpenNMS server.
I haven’t worked with a huge number of MIB files, and every vendor writes them a little differently. I have seen a number of files where notificaitons were in one MIB and polling were in a separate MIB, and I’ve seen others where they put them all in one file. I’ve also seen other vendors where their MIB files didn’t match the OIDs the device was actually sending.
If the IP sending the trap matches the IP of a node in OpenNMS, the traps will show up as events on the node with a generic trap UEI. If the MIB doesn’t import them properly, you can use the OID in the event to manually create an Events config file for those traps.