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The freenode network has a new ownership and the new overlords seem to be evil and abusing their powers. Some formerly freenode staff resigned and recreated as an alternative IRC network for free and open source software communities. Some IRC users reported issues like here:

There is quite a movement migrating channels from freenode to Our IRC channel has ~10 peoples left and we bridge it to our Mattermost driven chat.

The following question comes up especially the few using IRC. What do you think?

  • Move #opennms to and reconfigure the IRC bridge
  • Keep #opennms on freenode and keep everything as it is
  • Kill #opennms on freenode and drop IRC support completely

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Just FYI: I’ve claimed an #opennms channel on

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Given the fact, freenode killed himself with with deleting existing accounts and channels by introducing a new freenode infrastructure and leaving the 20y old left behind. I would suggest switching to and adjusting our Mattermost IRC bridge. We should register an #opennms channel here so we have at least a community-controlled IRC channel. @Ganiman @Jess-ONMS hat do you think?

Just some updates, we decided migrating from Freenode to We got an #opennms channel in the network. You can connect to, register a nick and join #opennms channel. We haven’t bridged the Mattermost opennms-discuss channel yet, it is on our todo list and let you know when it’s done :slight_smile:

We fully migrated now to Libera.Chat. The Mattermost OpenNMS Discussion channel is now bridged to Libera.Chat IRC channel #opennms. Thank you @Ganiman and @RangerRick for help to make things happen :slight_smile: