Integrating OpenNMS with Azure AD as IDaaS

Problem: How to integrate OpenNMS to use Azure AD as an IDaaS ?

Expected outcome: Successfully configure OpenNMS to use Azure AD as IDaaS

OpenNMS version: 27.1.0

Other relevant data: Any help would be appriacted here as i dont find any Knowledge base article to kick start / achieve this .

Hi Guys ,
Could someone guide me to right path for achieving this or is it even possible to achieve with Horizon/Meridian latest base releases ?

Not possible as far as I am aware.

Hi Dino ,

Thanks for replying , by not possible you mean that as per Current Base release default code doesnt offer it but it can be done via customisation wihin OpenNMS ?


The Software Product itself doesnt offer this integarion at all ?

Iā€™m not aware of any way to do this out of the box, but OpenNMS uses Spring Security under the hood, so if the version of spring-security we package supports it, you can probably make it work. Pretty sure latest versions of spring-security support it, if you wanted to move some pieces around and make it happen. Pull requests are always welcome.

Thanks . Could you let me know the configuration file names for spring security used for opennms ?