Instructions on How to Use OpenNMS Sentinel Container Image

I鈥檓 trying to find some tips or documentation about using Sentinel container image.

Currently my work is being based into @agalue work (Issues 路 agalue/opennms-drift-kubernetes 路 GitHub), even opened a issue there so maybe he can help me.

I was able to make Server and Minion work in and out of Kubernetes, but could not find anything useful in the docs for Sentinel that could help me understand how it works and how can I bring it up as a Docker container.

Thanks in advance.

OpenNMS version: 29.0.10

Other relevant data:

 kubectl get pod sentinel-0 -n opennms
sentinel-0   0/1     Running   4          23m
$ kubectl logs sentinel-0 -n opennms
WARNING: Credentials can be exposed via docker inspect and log files. Please consider to use a keystore file.
         You can initialize a keystore file with the -s option.
[main] INFO org.opennms.features.scv.jceks.JCEKSSecureCredentialsVault - No existing keystore found at: scv.jce. Using empty keystore.
[main] INFO org.opennms.features.scv.jceks.JCEKSSecureCredentialsVault - Loading existing keystore from: scv.jce
Apply custom etc configuration from /opt/sentinel-etc-overlay.
No custom config found in /opt/sentinel-overlay. Use default configuration.