Import MIBS into opennms = pain


Almost every time i need to import a mib into opennms there is a problem. Now i’m stuck again.
Trying to import some citrix-MIBS. Why should this process give me such a hard time? :wink:

opennms 28.1.1

There’s no way to avoid the requirement for having MIBs referenced by the MIBs you’re trying to upload. The dependencies have to be in place.

That said, you don’t have to use the MIB compiler to write your graphs or data collections, either. I prefer to cherry-pick the OIDs and OID tables I want collected and to write my collections by hand to get exactly what I want. the entire datacollection/ directory serves as an example for how to write a collection…

The problem now is not the deps, that i solved. Now i refers to NOTIFICATION-TYPE and OBJECT-TYPE.

Anyway, i will try to look as you suggested. Thanks!

Managed to compile one of them. Seems that opennms cannot handle uppercase chars. Changes to lower-case then it worked.