I wan't to install Meridian but it's installed Horizon Instead

Hi Everyone,

I have a CentOS 8x with basic install (no GUI) in a virtal machine.

I want to install Meridian 21.1.0 in it and I’ve done the instalation using this guidelines:

Installation and Configuration :: Documentation (opennms.com)

When the setup finish, I allways have the version 27.2.1 (horizon) installed, instead of Meridian.

Can someone give me a hint ?


The Meridian repositories aren’t publicly available. Do you have a Meridian subscription from The OpenNMS Group?

Why 21.1.0 ?

Hi Dino2gnt,

No, I don’t have. I thought that everyone could download and install Meridian release.

The Meridian release it’s paid? I understood that we have to pay if we wanted a support subscription.

Access to Meridian packages requires a subscription.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s no magic in Meridian, there’s no “Meridian-only” paid features or anything of that sort, it is 100% the same code as the Horizon version it is based on, just with a longer, more enterprise-friendly support lifecycle. Meridian 2021, which was released on May 4th, is based on Horizon 27. The current Horizon version is 27.2.0.

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