How to start collection manually?

Hi everyone,
Supposing I’ve some treatment within my application and I want to start a service declared in collected-configuration not periodically, but manually each time a specific condition is realized withing my treatment, any ideas on how to achieve that ?

collectd is designed to poll on a defined interval, not on demand. Can you expand on your use case? There may be another way to acheive what you are wanting to do.

Thank you for your response, Well I’m collecting data using a JMX connector. When it gets a message, it downloads an XML file and do some cleaning. The XML collector collects data from these XML files, but while it is running periodically, it collects the same value each time, even if it is not the real value of that time (because my connector is down or didn’t receive a new xml file). In order to fix this I think of running the XML collector manually when the connector got a message.