How to install different versions than latest stable

Our package repositories provide different versions. With adding the stable repository you get automatically the latest stable version.

You can list other versions you can install with the command:

CentOS 8

dnf --showduplicate list opennms

CentOS 7

yum --showduplicates list opennms

On Ubuntu or Debian you can use the apt-show-versions application which has to be installed first with

sudo apt -y install apt-show-versions

Installing a specific version on CentOS/RHEL 7

sudo yum -y install opennms-27.0.0-1

Installing a specific version on CentOS/RHEL 8

sudo dnf -y install opennms-27.0.0-1

Installing a specific version on Ubuntu/Debian

sudo apt install opennms=27.0.0-1

You can run now apt-show-versions -a opennms to list all versions available to install.

The following package repositories are available:

Installing SNAPSHOT or release candidates

Release Description
stable Packages from stable releases
snapshot Snapshot packages for the next major release for testing purposes.

CentOS: Install the snapshot repository

yum -y install

Ubuntu/Debian: Edit the source list and change from stable to snapshot

deb snapshot main
deb-src snapshot main

Update the apt cache with apt update. The installation procedure is the same as with the stable version.

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