How to fix "expecting ASSIGN_OP, found 'TRAP-TYPE'" issue


The MIB compiler brought this error message for some reasons while compiling the MIB:

2019-05-23T12:59:37+02:00 [INFO] Parsing MIB file /opt/opennms/share/mibs/pending/bkupexec.mib
2019-05-23T12:59:37+02:00 [ERROR] Problem found when compiling the MIB:

ERROR: Parse error: expecting ASSIGN_OP, found 'TRAP-TYPE', Source: bkupexec.mib, Row: 625, Col: 23
     TapeAlertError   TRAP-TYPE


The name of a trap cannot start with a capital letter. If you would check the line 625 you would see: TapeAlertError TRAP-TYPE.

But it should like this: tapeAlertError TRAP-TYPE