How to filter nodes by Location parameter?

For Nodes API → opennms/rest/nodes i got data like
“location”: “Default”,
“type”: “A”,
“label”: “Alviras”,below …more
filter for type opennms/rest/nodes?type=A return all with type A
filter for label opennms/rest/nodes?label=Alviras return all with label Alviras
but for location opennms/rest/nodes?location=Default
it gives error below
IllegalArgumentException occurred calling getter of org.opennms.netmgt.model.monitoringLocations.OnmsMonitoringLocation.locationName; nested exception is org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: IllegalArgumentException occurred calling getter of org.opennms.netmgt.model.monitoringLocations.OnmsMonitoringLocation.locationName

Expected outcome:
Want to get all nodes filtered by location parameter

OpenNMS version: 28.02