How to disable/enable OpenNMS service/daemons

In some cases you might want to disable or enable some services because you don’t need them or want to use them.

This can be done in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/service-configuration.xml.

:warning: Disabling core daemons can break main functionality of OpenNMS.

Here an example how to disable EnhancedLinkd which is enabled by default:

      <invoke method="init" pass="0" at="start"/>
      <invoke method="start" pass="1" at="start"/>
      <invoke method="status" pass="0" at="status"/>
      <invoke method="stop" pass="0" at="stop"/>

To disable it, you have to set the enabled attribute to false in the service tag.

<service enabled="false">       

:information_source: OpenNMS requires a restart to apply this setting.