How to configure Provisioning Requisitions

Unsure of how to configure asset information (such as address1, building, etc.) and path outages when setting up Provisioning Requisitions for hosts that are in the same location. I am setting up OpenNMS for the first time.

Expected outcome:
Automatically discover and populate asset fields and path outages based on the IP addresses of the discovered hosts.

OpenNMS version:


I am configuring Autodiscovery using IP ranges. I add the ‘Include Range’ and select one of my provisioning requisitions for the Foreign Source field. Hosts in these IP ranges have many things in common, such as location, address, etc.

Should I be setting up asset information and path outages to be configured automatically when the hosts are discovered? Or should I be configuring path outages and asset information for the hosts later after they are discovered somehow?

I’m assuming I should be setting up separate provisioning requisitions for each of my subnets.

IMPORTANT: The “Location” field should only be used if you are using Minions. Otherwise leave it blank or “Default”

When using Discovery, you can’t specify the asset and path prior to the node being provisioned. You would have to edit the node’s data in the requisition after it has been discovered.

As for organizing requsitions, that’s up to you. You can group them however you want - all in one, one per site, per department, per subnet. The main point to remember is that all devices on a requisition have the same detectors run against them. You do want to limit the number of detectors to just those that you expect. So, grouping nodes into requisition by type of device is usually a good plan.

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Ok, thanks.

If there are overlapping IP ranges configured in discovery, which one takes precedence?

Is there a way to apply path outage and asset information to a group of discovered hosts without having to edit each one manually?

I had an auto-discovery set up with an IP range pointing to the ‘Default’ requisition. I then removed this IP range and replaced it with the same range and pointed it to a specific requisition.

Now I have duplicate nodes with the same IP addresses associated to different requisitions.

How can I remove the duplicate nodes?

The ‘Foreign Source’ label in the GUI makes it easy to see which subnet the host is in, that’s the main reason I was creating separate requisitions.

My organization has several locations that are networked together. Should I be considering using ALEC to discover path outages etc.?

That isn’t what ALEC does. There’s no method to automatically discover path outage configuration.