How to config OpenNMS for information like hardware, cpu, etc. Ubuntu Server

Hi all,

I’m new to OpenNMS and struggle in finding a way to config OpenNMS to get info like hardware, CPU, etc from an Ubuntu. Right now OpenNMS can get basic info like this one:

snmpd.config file has these:
view systemonly included .
view systemonly included .
view systemonly included .

Can anyone help please,
Thanks a lot

Not sure if it’s the best approach, but you could configure SNMP agents to expose the data you need and let the SNMP asset adapter grab them.

Usually it’s a good approach to add these assets in the provisioning process.

Thanks for your reply. I think when you say snmp agents it means snmpwalk. I did test with it:
snmpwalk -v2c -c private
The result show lots of info. But I don’t know how to show it on OpenNMS, or maybe I confused: do openNMS show that info on? or it just give you warning and alert? (for example I want to read cpu, hdd, temp, etc.)


SNMP agent means the snmpd on a monitored node.

But I am not sure if I understand your requirement.

Are you talking about collecting performance metrics, like CPU or memory usage or do you want to add meta information to your nodes, like CPU model, amount of Ram etc (to fill the assets).