How do I set Static Asset info

I want to set some static Assets with some static info.

When I create a node, Requisition is a REQUIRED field.
I chose the default selfmonitor as I have setup no automatic requisitions, assuming that is for static assets.

Clicking edit asset info:
Any edits made will be rolled back next time ‘selfmonitor’ is synchronized.

How can I set static Asset info.

If the node is part of a provisioning requisition, asset information should be added via the requisition:

Thank you for the suggestion.

How can I add nodes without a provisioning requisition ?

I deleted interfaces I didn’t want monitored (mostly because of constant annoying emails when temp offline) and they come back. Presumably because of the requisition reload that is deleting asset info.

Short answer, it’s much easier long-term to have nodes in a requisition.

What you are saying is that I show modify the provisioning requisition details for each host.

Home / Admin / Provisioning Requisitions / selfmonitor
edit assets tab

thank you

That will be easiest long term. When you have node info defined in a requisition, you can edit them to and resync. If nodes are not in a requisition, the only way to edit them is directly changing the database records, which is not something that is supported.