How can I monitor a firewall with dual interface

Hi to all,
I am totaly new on Open NMS so please bare with meā€¦

What i am trying to setup is the following.
I have about 250 firewallls same modelā€¦All of them have one interface connected to a land line and a second interface connected with a 4g router as backup.
All are setup with sd-wan which means if the first interface lost ping for 2 minutes the traffic will be forwarded on the second interface and again if the first interface is up for 2 minutes the traffic will be redirect back on the first interface.

I think that if i configure the firewall to send a snmp trap every time the interface change i can setup the open nms to raise an event like status critical or major or something.
I dont want full snmp logs just to get that interface internal up or interface mobile up etc.
How can i get that with opennms.

Sorry if my questions are to easy or to hard to get them i am totally new with this and trying to figure out how i can make it work
Opennms version 29.0.0 and setup and tested the snmp trapsā€¦

Configure OpenNMS so that it can talk SNMP to these routers. Enable the SNMP Interface Poller.

On a macro scale, that should be about it.

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This knowledge base article might be helpful for you How to monitor Layer-2 interface status using SNMP

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