Horizon v29.0.1 fresh installation not working

after having installed and used Horizon V28.1.1 a few weeks ago without any problem, I started a new fresh installation of the last Horizon v29.0.1, following the “Installation and configuration” doc, on a DEBIAN 10.
The opennms service does not start, indicating that the file “/usr/share/opennms/etc/configured” does not exist.
The database initialization script does not seem to run correctly. (“sudo /usr/share/opennms/bin/install -dis”)

Has anyone successfully installed version 29 under Debian or Ubuntu?


I just tried to reproduce an install on a minimal Debian 11 without any issues. I run the install steps as a user with sudo installed from our Debian install instructions. Can you please share the error message from your install -dis output?

Thanks for trying.
I found the origin of the problem late last night thanks to the video on opennms 101, module 1b (Deb install) @10:16
The speaker says to modify the configuration file of postgrSQL named “pg_hba.conf” to “trust” local access to the database.
After that, I was able to run the “install -dis” script again successfully and the installation is now working.

happy you have sorted it out and for letting us know :slight_smile: