Horizon 29.0.10 - Minion got error

Hi, I install the Minion and run the “opennms:health-check” on minion’s karaf shell, I got an error.
I run the command “opennms:health-check --maxAge 100000”, not working again.
Can any one help me to fix the error ?

Echo RPC (passive)                                                              [ Failure  ] => did not receive a recent response - maxAge: PT1M30S
Verifying installed bundles                                                     [ Success  ]
Connecting to JMS Broker                                                        [ Success  ]
Verifying Listener Flows (org.opennms.netmgt.telemetry.listeners.UdpListener)   [ Success  ]

The passive check looks for a successful RPC in the last $age. I don’t find this check to be particularly reliable, especially on a freshly installed minion in a site that may not have any monitored nodes yet.

You can test that RPCs are succeeding with opennms:stress-rpc from the Core’s Karaf shell. (see --help for args). If RPCs succeed from the core to that location, then you can ignore what the minion’s health-check says.

Hi dino2gnt
I found the reason from the article you responded before.
The reason is that the system time is not synchronized between the Core and the Minions.
After adjusting the time, the problem is solved.
Thanks for your response!

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Is the time in sync (to single-second resolution) between your core and minion? accurate time is extremely important.

The system time of the core and minions have been synchronized, and the problem has been solved.

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