Horizon 24 install problem with OpenJDK 11 on Windows


I’m trying to install OpenNMS Horizon 24 on Windows with OpenJDK 11 and am having trouble getting past step 3 of 10 where you need to specify the JDK path. I keep getting the error “The chosen directory does not contain the required product”.

I tried pointing it at every directory in the JDK tree from the top level on down and could not get past this.

I tried the following 3 JDK builds, all with the same result:
Amazon Corretto
AdoptOpenJDK HotSpot 11.0.3_7
Zulu 11.0.3

Anyone know what the installer is looking for or have this working on Windows?



That message is most common if you have selected a JRE instead of a JDK. Try using the Oracle JDK.


I definitely selected OpenJDK 11 and not JRE. The 3 JDKs that I tried do not include a JRE. I’m wondering if that might have something to do with it.

I installed the Zulu 8 JDK build and compared it side by side with Zulu 11 JDK and one noticeable difference is Zulu 8 JDK includes a JRE. FWIW, Horizon 24 works fine with JDK 8, I just thought I’d give it a go with JDK 11, since the release notes say it’s supported on OpenJDK 11.

I have no interest in using the Oracle JDK.



There are not a lot of users running OpenNMS on Windows, and I’m not one of them. V8 should keep working for now.


Yes, I’m aware that Windows isn’t the preferred platform. FWIW, it does work pretty well on it.

I plan to switch my prod instances over to Linux sometime this summer and have been experimenting a bit running it on CentOS 7.

Thanks for taking a look.