Help with creating dashlets and saving them



Hi I am brand new to using OpenNMS. I am running Horizon version 23.0.1 on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. I want to have a user that logs in directly to a page. I have created the user but the page I created with dashlets does not get saved out. Can someone point me to where I can get help for this?



When you say, “logs in directly to a page”, by that do you mean to describe the behavior of after logging in, the user is automatically redirected to a dashboard configured for their account?

David Hustace
The OpenNMS Group


Yes that is what we want to do. I can create the ops board to look how I want but as soon as I restart the application, all of the configurations go away. I had one of my co-workers take a look and he thinks an exception is being thrown when I am creating the dashlets.



Hey, it doesn’t should like we are discussing the same thing. We have a dashboard and we have opsboards. Opsboards are generally used for shared Operation’s displays and not per user so we don’t have a feature to associate an Ops board with a user account. You can use our dashboard feature to accomplish this use case but I would highly recommend using Grafana with our Helm plugin to accomplish use case as apposed to the built-in dashboard. The Helm dashboard is definitely the direction of the product to handle this request.


Thanks. I will look at that approach. I am not able to get my opsboards to be permanent. As soon as I restart OpenNMS, everything I have created goes away.
Any thoughts on that?




No, I’ve never experienced that problem. I wonder if there are any messages in the web.log or karaf.log files related to the Java process not having write permissions. Ops Boards are configured in the UI and persisted as XML on the file system in the $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/dashboard-config.xml file while you are editing. If your configurations are not “permanent”, then I would guess that this file is not getting created or updated.

David Hustace
The OpenNMS Group


Thanks so much. I will look into that.


There is no dashboard-config.xml in my /etc directory. Thoughts?


There is none by default. It will be created with:

“Admin -> Configure OpenNMS -> Ops Board Configuration -> + Button for a new Ops Board -> Save”

There will be a red exclamation mark in the “Save” button when OpenNMS is not able to persist the dashboard or when it is not able to create the file in the file system.


Thanks. That is exactly what is happening. The error in the log file is unable to create file path not accessible. I must have a permissions issue somewhere.