Help build our glossary!

Whether it’s jargon or complex concepts, almost everyone has a “what the heck are they talking about moment?” when using OpenNMS. Or maybe you’re an OpenNMS whiz who knows the areas new users might struggle with that we could explain better.

Comment here with your top three (or more) favourite/most-hated/least understood terms in OpenNMS. We’ll define what they mean, how OpenNMS uses them, and add them to our Glossary, for quick reference.


@Bonrob here is my list from a non-native speaker background :slight_smile:

  • Requisitions
  • Foreign-Source
  • KSC
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Just some words that came into my mind:

  • Northbounder
  • Southbounder
  • BSM
  • Drools Rules
  • Assets
  • MetaData
  • Categories (or Surveillance Categories)
  • Outages (vs. Alarms)
  • MIB
  • UEI

My $0.02:

“Directed discovery” and “Enhanced Directed Discovery” are difficult to comprehend: concepts in admin guide contain too much history and not enough explanatory text on what it actually does.
Immediate examples while explaining the concept might also help.


Added to the list!

@HenkZeBroer Thank you for the feedback. Great points. We have started to clear out a lot of the “history” type content to streamline the docs (see Directed Discovery). Adding practical examples and more explanatory to a lot of the content is on our radar. We want the docs to be more task based. I will flag these two topics specifically.

Yeah, should’ve mentioned I was quoting from the V23 documentation :expressionless: